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Pinterest for Business

Eric Ahmad Smith

Get the most out of Pinterest 

You can get access to extra goodies on pinterest when you confirm your website. Getting started on Pinterest is easy when you follow the guidelines. The purpose for verifying your website is it will allow your logo to show up on Pins that people saved from your site. How cool is that? Can you see the brand potential?

A business account will also bring you the ability to have access to your Pinterest analytics. In business tracking is essential to marketing and it enhance your chances for repeat buyers.  

Next thing you would want to do is Pin like a pro. Really put some thought into what you pin. Check out your web analytic to see what your audience like best or talk with them directly. Always tailor your pins to the people who follow you.  

I'm sure you heard the phrase a picture tell a thousand words. Likewise, the same holds true in the Pinning world of Pinterest. Make sure to draw the people in with beautiful images. Start by curating content and posting pins from a colorful array of the spectrum like a rainbow. Facts are, the most colorful and eye catching pictures get more pins. 

Show what inspire you instead of showing off your product. In other words, show what sparks the inspiration behind your brand. You have to separate yourself from thousands of other happy pinners by creating boards about people, places, or ideas that you love.

Let your personalty and taste shine through your boards. Be creative but most importantly be yourself. Once you grow your audience and make your brand popular you can then start to promote. You can even showcase your pins on your website to allow your visitors to see the community that you built. 

Pinterest can really help bring buyers into you business effortlessly by inspiring others, by being creative, and most importantly by being yourself. Happy Pinning!

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