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Want to improve organic engagement on LinkedIn?

Wondering if LinkedIn Stories and Live really work?

Eric Ahmad is a social media expert and an official Marketing Specialist, coach, and consultant who helps businesses master their social organic presence. He authored How to Market Me in 2013. He's is the founder of MisBiz Pro a marketing, web design and web application company.

In this short blog, you’ll learn what kind of content works best in the LinkedIn feed and how best to use LinkedIn Stories and Live video to engage the people in your network.

Your connections’ stories show up at the top of the Home screen on mobile, next to your own profile photo. To create your own story, you can either record video through the LinkedIn app or upload videos and photos from your camera roll. Easy right?

When you’re developing Stories content, remember to match the the purpose of people looking through Stories in the first place.

People want to quickly learn something new, be entertained by you, or get something of value from a great piece of content. So you want to:

1. Get the app "Story Splitter" it can help you create a single Stories-friendly 20-second clip from your longer videos.

2. Let your audience see a different side to you life and business.

3. Focus on growing your audience by posting 3 to 4 pieces of content per week.

By using LinkedIn Stories on a consistent basis you can quickly become the go-to expert of your industry. According to Social Examiner....

An amazing way to get in front of a larger audience on LinkedIn is by going live for pages.

To improve your chances of approved for lives, be sure to have two-factor authentication enabled on your account before you apply and make sure that your page admins and account are in good standing.

If an administrator or your account has been suspended, you could have problem getting approved.

When you apply for access, LinkedIn will assess your page’s video and content creation history and engagement history. You should have a few hundred followers who consistently engage with your content; brand-new pages with no history are unlikely to be approved.

If you follow the application process and meet all of the criteria, the approval should be quick.

Once approved, you’ll need to use a third-party tool such as Socialive, Switcher, or Restream to broadcast via LinkedIn Live. Michaela strongly recommends having a second person manage the back end of the broadcast, community comments, and engagement.

LinkedIn Live is working extremely well for companies. Automation Anywhere just launched one of their products via live stream across all platforms and LinkedIn Live generated 78% of their views and 400 comments. Salesforce ran an 11-part interview series on LinkedIn Live that brought in more than 600,000 organic views and a 3% engagement rate.

Another company, Gong, did a 12 Days of Swagmas series last year. Once a day, they went live for a minute or two with a trivia question and asked viewers to leave their guess at an answer in the comments section. Gong then chose a winner each day.

A variety of approaches work. The key is to decide what your goal is and then plan the length and content of your live video around the goal.

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