How Social Media Managers Can Take Time Off.

As a busy social media manager, you’re probably used to working long days and nights, which is why taking time off to reset every once in a while is crucial. Unlike technology as humans we must unplug to recharge. A winter break can help you get focus, recharge your energy, and boost your creativity.

But since you’ve put so much energy into maintaining and managing your social media accounts, you’ll want to make sure they don’t lose momentum just because you’re busy having cereals for breakfast in the early hours of the day.

Luckily, there are fast and efficient  ways you can prepare to partially check out, and ensure you maintain your share of voice and keep your communities engaged throughout your well-deserved winter down time.

Schedule content

We recommend using a social content calendar daily, creating or gathering posts that will be published while you’re away is very important. Knowing that you’ve got relevant content going out at regular intervals should help ease the separation anxiety of unplugging yourself from your social media accounts for a while.

Once you’ve developed your content calendar, you can then schedule these posts across your social networks through your MisBiz Pro dashboard. If you’re going to be away for an extended period of time, MisBiz Pro’s bulk scheduler allows you to schedule multiple messages at one time.

Despite how hard you try to unplug completely, the reality is that you may need to step in and manage your social accounts at some point while you’re gone. Check in on your communities and—if need be—easily view, edit, or delete any of your scheduled messages before they’re published using the MisBiz Pro on mobile.

Need Ideas? Let us help you
MisBiz Pro analysis calculate your post history and provides you with the best time of day to post information, it finds relevant articles, videos, and Facebook posts that will be interesting to you and your social audience. You can then choose to send one of these posts right away, or schedule it to be published to one or multiple accounts.
With the MisBiz Pro analytical feature, you don’t have to spend time wondering what's the best time to share content. The tool compare your post, picks a winner, and suggests that are likely to get the best engagement. With a push of a button, you can either decide to share the content immediately or schedule it to be published later.
Don’t forget

You have everything you need to prepare for a winter vacation and the tools to manage them all on the go, but don’t let some of these small stuff slip your mind before you make a run out of town:

  • Make sure the place you visiting has Wi-Fi: You now have all the tools you need to effectively manage social media on the go, but without easily accessible Wi-Fi, you risk not being able to access your accounts. 
  • Pack your cell phone and laptop chargers: Make a mental note to pack these things first. ASAP...

By preparing content in advance, using a content calendar to stay organized,managing what you need to via mobile, and analyzing data there’s no reason even the busiest social media manager can’t take some time off this winter with family and friends while staying connected.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. - Leonardo da Vinci
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